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Welcome to Heliology.com
:the science and study of the sun

Welcome to Heliology.com
My name is Daniel C. Hutchinson and I have designed this website to be your bridge to all of the services, products and informative teachings that are being offered by Heliology.com. 

 I invite you to consider this site as your access point to cellular renewal, mental rejuvenation and solar restoration.
 The services offered here are arranged to bring a sense of Unity to the individual experiencing discomfort, disease and pain, both physical and emotional. 
Below is a list of common concerns that I have treated with Herbs and Acupuncture:

Energy Deficiency
Anxiety Disorders
 Body Aches & Pains
  Mental Renewal  
Sleep Disturbance
Libido Enhancement
Menstrual Irregularity
Skin Problems
Transitional Diets
Weight Loss

Our sincere goal here is to provide you with the tools necessary to address any bodily ailments, hormonal imbalances,emotional setbacks and nagging disharmonies affecting your success in practical daily affairs. 

Heliology consists of

This website is divided into 5 interdependent elements, with each section comprising a key component of the holistic unit. All 5 elements are enlisted when designing your treatment plan with more emphasis given to the element you will need concentrated focus on. I have provided a brief statement regarding each element of Heliology so that you can benefit from a clear overview of what services are being provided. Due to the nature of this work I am often traveling in different locations of the world collecting and cultivating plant medicines as well as researching native peoples diet and their longevity sciences firsthand. My hub is Los Angeles, but I am frequently in New York, Atlanta and Barbados. If I am not scheduled to be in your area for consultations in the near future, we can arrange phone consultations. Video diagnosis of the tongue can also be conducted via email or cellphone.

I look forward to assisting you on this path of healing and attaining your maximum productivity. Contributing optimal efforts through the work that you do can only be accomplished when you are feeling your best. This is what I would like to reveal to you through this artisan science I've named Heliology. 

I thank you for considering your health proactively and welcome you to a new level of living. I am dedicated to a life of constant learning along with the essential continuous unlearning. I am committed to the exploration of cutting-edge plant medicines, consciousness advancement and longevity science. Your involvement with Heliology.com is ultimately intended to synchronize your innate wisdom and cyclical flow with that of our Sun and the Earth we exist on.

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