Beauty Dot Matrix

    Beauty dot matrix is an independent study I am spearheading seeking out the significance of nevi at specific locations on the meridian map of the human body. The high quantities of melanin produced by these melanocytes form into what is commonly known as a mole, I have pondered and carefully studied the solar rays and their response to heavily active melanin(pigment) rich melanocytes. I understand that sunlight will be absorbed greater by darker pigments, accumulating more heat and in turn more energy. My theory is that these areas often coincide with known and locatable acupuncture points on the human body. My hypothesis is that these dark spots that surface point out underlying conditions and perhaps predispositon to certain strengths and/or weakenesses internally. I do not propose the needling or piercing of these delicate areas of high pigmentation. What I am suggesting is that these areas can be studied to either prevent drastic change in their shape and form, to treat and foresee internal disorder or to notify myself of any further examination needed such as referral to a specialist for skin cancer screening. 

    As part of this study I will document the natural 'points' found on the body of my clients and treat them with acupressure, essential oils and balance technique acupuncture. Balance technique as taught by Master Tung is a form of acupuncture that treats distal points according to anatomical mirroring and bone structure similarity. This is commonly being taught now to advanced acupuncturists and has been found to be very effective in clinical practice. I am not presenting this information as a means to remove these marks but as some have noticed, beauty marks can be lifelong or temporary depending on currently unknown reasons. *Note I am not a dermatologist nor do I claim to have that degree of expertise regarding skin nevi or melanomas. If there is any noticeable growth or disturbances concerning your beauty marks or moles, you will be referred to the proper specialist accordingly.

I find that detailed information can lead to greater insights therefore I provide the following excerpt for your education :

Beauty marks are actually moles that are considered by many people to be attractive. In fact it has been popular for centuries for people to create false beauty marks with make up if they do not have them naturally. In order for the moles to achieve "beauty status" they usually should be somewhere on the face and not too numerous. In contrast, someone who has many moles scattered over their body may find these growths unattractive.

Although beauty marks are moles not all moles can be considered beauty marks. There are generally a few conditions in order for beauty marks to rank as a feature instead of a problem spot. However beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.

First, most beauty marks are usually sub-dermal which means below the surface of the skin. A mole that protrudes above the surface of the skin is usually found by most to by somewhat unattractive. Beauty marks can protrude a little and most are raised slightly.

Second, the beauty mark should be symmetrical. Because a large part of what makes a thing beautiful is its symmetry, moles that are shaped abnormally or disproportionately do not usually make the grade for beauty marks. Asymmetrical moles can also be sign of a skin problem such as melanoma.


    I have entitled this specific branch of Heliology, Beauty Dot Matrix. If you are familiar, Dot Matrix refers to multiple dots combined into a matrix to form characters and graphics. This technology was originally used in computer printers as a matrix of small pins to create precise dots where mechanical force was exerted on the printing media to form a character. More or less the patterning or matrix enabled the printer to form letters and symbols with the help of a print ribbon cartridge.
    I call this Beauty Dot Matrix because it is my theory that the layout or pattern of beauty marks/moles can present me with an image or idea of what is going on internally. I find this is truly an intuitive art that will develop as I proceed and I wish to provide my clients with a brief background of where I am coming from in regard to this study. If one can accept that no markings on their bodies should be neglected, this art can provide you with methods of self analysis and self healing. My key herb for the treatment of skin is Melissa officinalis (Lemon Balm), pictured at the top of the page. In most cases Lemon Balm will be used as a chief ingredient in my herbal protocol for skin issues. Below I have included pictures of popular artists and models with noticeable beauty marks to provide examples.

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