Daniel C. Hutchinson
Acupuncture & Herbal Solution Center


Daniel C. Hutchinson holds his Masters Degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine from one of the premiere TCM Universities in the USA -Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine(Los Angeles). He currently makes house calls for all clientele in the Los Angeles region but is available for long distance treatments available upon request. The Realm Dynamics Super Store is a branch of www.secretenergy.com. All of the consciousness activating solutions provided can be comprehended in the context of advanced qi cultivation which is conducted and transmitted on a one to one basis.

Daniel C. Hutchinson is a writer, avid researcher and lecturer available to speak to a wide variety of audiences from elementary schools to college students to professionals. Daniel has spoken at Whole Foods Venice, he has been a guest on one-cell one-light radio hosted by Dr.Hildy, he has provided a preventative medicine dissertation to Kaiser Permamente in Anaheim and he has spoken at various food festivals in Los Angeles County. In addition to Taoist Nutrition, Solar Qi Gong and Superfood Herbalism; Daniel has advanced experience working with and speaking on sugar cane grass as a superfood. His main agenda with Heliology.com aside from serving as a health resource is to promote a virtual silk road encouraging health and cultural appreciation worldwide. As an Acupuncturist and Herbalist, he customizes treatment through an attentive diagnostic protocol and creates specialized plans designed for individual attainment of goals and/or overcoming health hurdles. Intent on serving clients to the best of his ability, he has organized this solution center to introduce concepts and theories that most will consider cutting edge.

Heliology is an age old study of the sun and its activities, that has been phased out in exchange for the vast field of modern astronomy.This expression of Heliology is Daniel's creation and is not intended to replace the popular definition of Heliology. The form of Heliology presented here is an experiential science basing its core values in the power and vitality of the sun. With these core values as the guiding light it becomes clear that Solar Qi Gong is the crux of this science. 

For children and people who have an aversion to needles he uses 

tuina massage,essential oils, crystalline minerals, magnets, 
warm stones and acupressure.

Depending on individual needs, he also offers electric stimulation acupuncture(E-STIM)
, cupping
, and gua sha. 

.Payment for treatment plans can be made on our pages securely.

Charges are as follows, yet will vary accordingly:

Acupuncture-(80$) per session, or if client is at a long distance acupressure points are given online or over the phone.

Taoist Nutritional Plan- (50$) questionairre devised to assess current dietary habits and genetic background. This plan is designed to address deficiencies and support ancestral jing.

Superfood Herbalism-(100$) varies according to products recommended and products ordered.

Solar Qi Gong--(75$) one on one training per session or pdf training. This can be purchased separately from the entire treatment plan.

PCL Coaching-(300$)all of the above plus a questionairre and a workbook designed for the entire length of your treatment plan.

Feel free to email for more customized guidance.

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