Solar Qi Gong


     Qigong is an ancient healing art consisting of stationary and/or moving exercises. The character Qi translates to air or qi circulating through the body meridians(energetic pathways). The character used for Gong translates to cultivation or great effort. Qi Gong differs from the more popular form of healing art called Tai Chi.Tai Chi is a form of Qi Gong used to balance and return harmony to the body organs. Although Qi Gong may accomplish this goal of harmonization, it is used for the specific purpose of cultivating energy internally to strengthen organ function and in some circumstances to project healing energy into others. Medical Qigong focuses on gathering specific energy from nature and guiding it toward certain organs in the body to assist any other treatments that are in place. In these cases, Water formations such as the ocean are used, as are mountains, sky, wind, soil, lunar light and solar light.

    The development of Solar Qi Gong roots back to the very origins of the art itself over 5,000 years ago. Many of my own studies and learning of Qi development practices are derived from my schooling at Yo San University and the heliocentric teachings of Yo San Ni (Eternal Light by Hua Ching Ni). I have chosen to concentrate my Qi Gong studies on the star that dominates our waking reality on earth. By doing so I believe the main power source in our planetary system can be tapped,gathered and utilized much in the same way solar panels are doing for the modern world and its energy crisis. Not only is this source relatively inexhaustible, we can collect enough solar qi to store for future use once we reach a saturation point. By no means does this practice depend on a California sunny day, these practices can be done with an overcast sky and still provide the desired returns. For those with sun exposure concerns, sunscreen is recommended for the 10-30 minutes needed for this type of qi gong practice. This is not only a nourishing practice but it also will help to develop the practical spiritual essence of man with no need of a particular religious faith to invest in or abide by.

Solar Qi Gong Practice: prescribed per client, customized per treatment plan.

When you have completed your solar qigong practice for the morning and look away from the sun, you will see a colored sun.
--(Dr. Wang Yan, 71yr old  Medical Qigong Master, she knows over 200 kinds of medical qigong.Master Wang Yan was born in Qinjiang, Jiangsu province in 1937. She got her university degree in medicine and started her working carreer in 1958 in Nanjing. )

Please take note of this color daily.

    My confidence resides in the energy boost and strength that you will feel throughout your day when you begin practicing these exercises. As you continue on and deepen your contact with the Sun, your visualization, concentration and mental fortitude will increase at a recognizable level encouraging you to stay on your path. The benefits to this form of qi gong will be self-evident, and as time passes, this practice will synchronize with your self-nature. What is meant by this statement is that as you perfect the form and technique of Solar Qi Gong, the content of your practice will be retained even as you transform the technique to fit a form more natural to you. Instead of the customized and structured rigid discipline being taught at the onset, you will soon find ways to discreetly attain your Solar Qi Gong daily requirements without having to search for open unoccupied spaces to do so inconspicuously.

Benefits of Qi Gong practice:

º Improve your health and vitality

º increasing mental focus

º self massage through stretching & breathing

º stimulate&increase circulation to vital organs

º Acu-toning of body through tapping along meridian channels

Here is an interesting excerpt from concerning Solar Collectors:

In order to make the most of solar energy, it is vital that you have a solar collector. A solar collector is a device that allows sunlight inside while absorbing the sunlight. As it does this, it changes the heat and then traps the heat inside.

A number of things affect the overall efficiency of the solar collector. For example, efficiency depends on the time of day, the season of the year, the latitude of the area, weather conditions, and the color of the collector.

To many people's surprise, the color of the solar collector can have a drastic impact on how effective it is. There is a direct relationship between the amount of heat that is absorbed by a solar collector and the color of the collector.

While solar collectors come in a wide array of colors, dark colors tend to absorb more heat than light colors. In addition, you will find that shiny colors simply reflect away from the collector. Over the past decade or so, the study of colors and absorption of energy has become an extremely important issue all because energy efficiency is affected by this absorption.

There is no question that black is going to absorb solar heat the best out of any color. As an everyday example, think about how you try to avoid wearing black on how summer days because it absorbs so much heat! The same can be said about heating your home: black solar collectors will attract and absorb the most solar heat.

Solar radiation is made up of electromagnetic energy of various wavelengths. As it passes through the earth's atmosphere, half is reflected back into space while the other half makes its way to the surface of the earth. The air molecules react with this incoming radiation, scattering the light and absorbing most of the harmful rays. The filtered energy is what see and feel as sunshine.


Photovoltaic & Amorphous Solar Cells

Solar cells are made out of N-type and P-type semiconductor material that use the visual light spectrum to generate electricity. Solar radiation with wavelengths of 380 nm to 750 nm (violet to red) strike the material with enough energy to knock electrons from their weak bonds and create an electric current. The unused wavelengths (ultraviolet & infrared) do not have enough energy to dislodge the electrons and are absorbed as heat.

                            Full-Spectrum Photovoltaic Material

With existing solar cells, the unused ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths are not converted into electricity but rather wasted as heat. A recent discovery of a new semiconductor material made from indium, gallium and nitrogen can convert virtually the full spectrum of sunlight - from the far ultraviolet to the near infrared - into electricity. One panel can use the entire electromagnetic spectrum and holds promise of being the most efficient solar panel ever created.

(For those interested there are specific solutions being created called ORMES that contain these rare elements.Contact through email if interested.-DH)


You are the solar collector when you begin this particular Qi Gong. Please dress accordingly for these early morning exercises and use the necessary sun protection suited to your skin color. Do not peer directly at the sun is it has ascended too close to its zenith. The preferred times are just before sunrise up until 10:30 am, after that the suns rays can be harmful and can injure your retina. Remember a little will go a long way, and to stand before the sun with closed eyes will still allow you to partake of its beneficial energies.

Much of my solar study is derived from:

 Eternal Light: Teachings of My Father, Grandmaster Ni Yo-San written by Hua Ching Ni (Esoteric Teachings of the Tradition of Tao Bk 3)

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