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    Taoist Ancestral Nutrition is a term that I have coined to describe my system of providing the original native foods of a human beings DNA template. What this means is that the nutritional protocol provided will be based off of not only the clients present geographical habitat but also that of their great and/or grand parents. This appeals to the nature of Tao which is essentially a return to the original source, the mother. How can we return to our natural and spontaneous condition, absent of artifice yet refined through experience?  This endeavor is approached through the flagship of SuperSunSpot Products and the mission therein. The big idea I wish to present is that each continent on this planet has a bounty of medicines to heal an ailing and unhappy population of inhabitants. Our plan is to bring these herbs and foods from far and wide right to your plate using traditional Chinese medical standards of proper formulation,Taoist 5 element principles and the 24 hour organ clock

The viewpoint that I place before you is one in which you are benefitting greatly from the inclusion of elements and constituents that your grandparents subsisted on. The advancements of technology,pasteurization and sterilization of food products, have prolonged shelf life and lead to more stability in long term food storage. Currently the present generation suffers from cellular, developmental and structural deficiencies multiplying the number of diseases that now appear one hundred-fold. My understanding of the Way, or Tao, is that we each must reclaim our own self-nature through self-love expressed as self-acceptance and self-understanding. In accord with this identification of our authentic self, devoid of social and race conditioning, we can then unfold our inherent gifts rather than attempting to mimick or follow the societal standards of success. Very often standards of success are projected in our society leading individuals to feel pigeon-holed if they do not achieve them. In turn, individuals feel pressured to forge a life they have not truly found creative expression in. This in itself can create qi stagnation pathologies that then initiate the minor discomforts we've come to expect from life. 

This therapeutically customized menu promotes the removal of stressful components of life by organizing and fortifying a system that meets societal stressors with greater resilience. This leaves us with desires to succeed as the dominant driving force behind individual will power, rather than strife being our motivating force.

    This transition in motivative force alters everything, and my aim is to nutritionally support your Kidney Yin & Yang by providing the foods and ingredients that can energetically and genetically fortify your system. A direct connection to ones own will and destiny alleviates the pressures placed on individuals from the outside. This is my passion and I customize each menu to ease you into your own dynamic power. If you can't feel the empowerment, my job is to ensure that you do.

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